Oh yeah! A tour in Japan, 4/23-4/28 (日本本州六日の観光旅行)

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Thanks for taking your time to read my mail, it is talking about my trip in Janpan. I will paste a lot of pictures and make comments on them. It may need some time forloading pictures, please finish your work first while waiting. These are all my opinions, please let me know later if you have any different opinions.

Ah, I forget something important. I want to say lots of "Thank you!" to Taylor, Nancy, Rachel, Allen, Bella, Ice and Richard, especially Allen, thank you for helpingme all the way! You know it is not easy (just like killing me please) to get the visa to Japan, it requres certificate of 30000+ RMB in your bank, Organization code certificate and so on. They help me a lot, thank you!

Ok, let's go!! ^_^

Day 1: 4/23 Sunny

It is a 6-Day tour, the first day I must arrive in Dongguan International Travel Service Company and waiting for the bus with 29 partners in the same group. This group is so big and 25 of them are Jijis and Babas(Jiji,Baba mean old peoples), only 5 are young guys. It doesn't matter, at first we go to port of Taiping, Humen at 11 A.M. and then go to Hong Kong International Airport by ship.

However, It is not funny, the ship starts in 12 A.M., but it arrvies in HongKong very late due to something wrong with the engine, no worry, departure of our plane is 4:25 P.M., time is enough. At last we arrive inOsaka International Airport and have a rest in Osaka Washington Hotel, it is 10 P.M. in Japan.

I am wating with Jijis, Babas and shipping to HongKong.
Great! Arriving in HongKong then take the plane, the food is not good...
Oh yean! 日本到着!

This is one of the TV shows, fortunately I can understand a little Japanese haha, it is really interesting! The women in the first picture is already  over 35 years old and have childs. Amazing, she just looks likea 25 years old.

Picture 2 it the Japanese toilet, too advanced...I don't know how to use it the first time...

By the way, you can play small games with the リモコン(remote control) while watching TV shows. We do not have this tuction in China.
This is 5 A.M. outside the hotel, the fourth picture is 10000 yen, the person in the paper is 福泽谕吉. he is educationalist, the person in 5000 yen is writer and 1000 yen is a doctor.

Day 2: 4/24 Sunny

We go to Osaka Castle in the moring, the guide tells us that 丰臣秀吉(Toyotomi Hideyoshi) ordered and made this castle, it is ironic that he did not have a chance to live there before he died. Let's go inside and see the OsakaCastle.  Do you see the Castle tower in picture 2, you are free to visit the castle, but it costs 600 yen to buy a ticket to enter the tower.
Here are some pictures for the towers, let's go inside. It's strange that we have to climb and queue in the second floor then take a lift to floor 5, then you can get to the top. You don't have to worry about taking thelift, there is a staff and she can speak English, Keorean, Jpanese, Chinese, su ge...
Ok, I get to the Top, it is windy and very cold.

Then next scenic spot is 心斋桥(Shinsaibashi) and 道顿堀(Dōtonbori), our guide only gives us 1.5h in these two places. Absolutely it is not enough, so I dash and try my best to get to the end of these two shopping street.They are very close, when you cross the bridge in Shinsaibashi you will arrive in Dōtonbori. Of course there are many many people, it is shopping paradise, you can find everything here, like drug stores, foods, games, electrical appliances, books, phones, themost important point is that just to worry about your money, no worry about you can not find something you want.

Here are the pictures, let's go!

By the way, you will find UNIQLO very often. It is famous shop here, not another meaning of "famous" shop in China, I know you know, interested? please google or baidu it.

At noon we eat Japanese bean curd, I am very excited when I cross the doorway. Do you know what's happen? Please see below, haha! It's リヴァイ(Levi) in Attack on Titan. I ask the owner but he says it belongs to his daughter,he doesn't what it is.

Here are the pictures inside/outside of the shop and the food: Japanese bean curd.
In the afternoon, we go to Kiyomizu Temple. My purpose is rush to the top and do love divination, hey hey! I get Daikichi(大吉), it means ‘Very Lucky’, hope I will be not a sigle man next year, haha.
There is Temple nostalgia Street next to the Temple, it sells souvenirs, we call it お土産. One more exicting thing, there are related products of Animes, oh yeah! I find Dragon Ball, GUNDAM, Miku, Hello Kitty, One Piece, LoveLive...
All spots in Day 2 is finished, then it is a long trip by bus to the hotel in Gifu-ken (岐阜県) Hotel. Today is very tired, it is lucky that we can try the Onsen(Spring) near the hotel. There are some points you mustremember before you try the Onsen, first the right side of the robe must go first then the left cover it. If it reverses, it means something bad. Secondly you must wash and clean your body before the Onsen, and at last please never scrub your body when enjoyingthe Onsen, it is bad manner and not polite.

But I don't understand one thing, why there is not drink or milk provided, I see there are many drinks provided in Animes....

However one thing is true, people in Japan go out and they will say "いってきます", then the one is still inside will reply "いってらっしゃい".
Day 3: 4/26 Sunny

All day is spending in Fujisan. It takes so much time and there are traffic jams near Fujisan. The guide jokes that the japanese likes Fujisan very much, it is the grandest mountian in Japan. If the weather is notgood and he/she can not see the Fujisan, he/she will cry and looks very sad then come back with regret. But our group is very lucky, the weather is very good, we see Fujisan clearly.

Before we go to Fujisan, our spot is Heiwa Park(平和公園), it is also called Peace Park. It is a good place for calming down. As the park is not far away from Fujisan, we can put 300 yen and use the telescope to view.Here are some pictures for the Heiwa Park, I know Jijis, Babas in China like it very much.
There is also a story in Heiwa Park. In Edo Period there were two fishmen, one day the weather is very bad and they could not get anything. You know, if the weather was bad in sea, it meant today you got nothing. Whenthey gave up and went back, they caught something, it was heavy. They were very happy, but it was not a fish, it was a Buddha. Then it was enshrined in their house. Bravo! Every time they went out, the sea was peaceful(Heiwa), later the people in village bulita park for the Buddha, it meant Heiwa. That's the guide tells me, haha.
After lunch we rush to Fujisan.
Japanese says that Fujisan is 3776m high and it has 10 co-heads(合目). 5 co-head is the maximun for the bus to climb. You must go by yourself after 5 co-head. It's pity that we do not have much time, just take photosin 4 co-head.
Next spot is 富士芝桜まつり,  many beatiful flowers are grown here. As I don't know much about flowers, just take photos and still take photos...

Here is the official website: http://www.shibazakura.jp/
Oh yeah, one foreigner caught, I don't remember I am also a foreigner here too. Tourists are very kind, if you are single, just ask someone around you and he/she will help you take photos. I am not good at speakingboth Enghlish and Japanese, but listening is OK for both of them. 問題ない!I need to improve my spoken Enghish/Japanese when I vist Japan next time.
Today is happy happy, the happier thing is that we do not stay in hotel tonight, we are lucky to live in ryokan, traditional japanese home. There is no bed, just sleeping on the Tatami.
I love this ryokan, views around it is of course can be not let pass.

A Service Area when we heading to Tokyo.

Day 4: 4/27 Sunny

Day 4 is the worst but it is also the best day in my tour. Maybe I am a bad guy, I will explain later.

In the morning our group is visting Sensoji, you will understand where it is just by looking the pictures below.

Do you see the Skytree, 雷门, Jinja? Get points, haha.
Near the Sensoji, there is Nakamise shopping street, I buy a crossbody handbag for my mom, drug stores are also good palces, we can buy drugs to heal cough, cold and so on. Hokkaido horse oil is very good for anything,when you don't feel well, just paste some horse oil....Picture 3 below with a flag is our guide in Japan.
Then in the afternoon, the worst thing happens, one Jiji falls down and lose consciousness, he lays in the street and the breath stops. Oh my god! I don't know what happens, can not think of anything. It is very luckythat three foreign doctors come by and doing first aid. Finally Jiji save his bacon and 120 comes, he is Ok now.

We have one more spot in the afternoon, but it cancels, everyone is back to the hotel at about 2 P.M..The guide says that today is over, we will continue tomorrow.

Hey, it is just 2 P.M. and just staying in hotel? Are you kidding?

Akihabara is not the spot in our group, but I love this place very much, it is a paradise for anime goods, one of my dreams is to go to Akihabara and eating in maid house.

Chance!! I rush to the subway entrance and go there at once. Hey hey, subway in Japan is very different from the one in China, I don't know how to buy ticket, how to read the maps and even know nothing on which directionis to get on the train.

You know I am shy guy, but I challege myself and use my bad spoken japanese to ask someone nearby. thanks goddness, the passers-by in Japan is kind, I say sorry and stop them and ask the way to Akiba. I receive a map toAkiba by the first person, but I don't know how to buy ticket, then I stop another passers-by, this time they are high school students, I say sorry and ask them to help me to buy tickets. Just like this way, I have asked 20 people until I arrive in Akiba.

I cry, finally, finally I get to Akiba. My dream comes ture. The process is suffering, finally it is not a dream anymore. If you are interestedin the process to Akiba, I will tell you later. It is a true story!!

Ah, I forget to say that my hotel is in Yokohama, Akiba is in Tokyo, it generally takes about 1h by subway, but I spent 4.5h to get there.

Below is the maid shop, it calls Maidreamin. It is in the third floor, you will meet maids on the street handing out leaflets, they dress in kawaii maid clothes. When you are interested in the shop and go to the lift,they will smile and guide you to the shops. When the lift opens in F3, "いらっしゃいませ、ご主人様" comes out and I see maids. I nod and seat near the counter. Then one maid comes and says welcome to me. Once you decide a order, you can pick a maid you like and she willtake foods or services to you. I just order Omurice, Parfait, moemoe smile and a photo with maid. The food is so-so, but everyone here says "delicious"! One more interesting thing, many of the guests come here are single....

Hey hey, don't be happy when you are picking a maid, it charge you 800 yen, it calls 入国料, then she will asks you to say おまじない (magic words) with her, such as "デリシャス, デリシャス, 萌え萌え、Cute!", "美味しくなれ、美味しくなれ" then you foldyou fingers and make heart shape. There is a stage in the corner of the shop, the maid dances and sings when you are enjoying your food.

Here is the song grabbed from the web: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/mwV1x1CFUaY/

I arrive in Akiba Station at about 8 P.M., it is pitty that I must rush and catch the trian(電車) as it is already over 10 P.M..
So you can guess what's happening in the next moment. I don't know how to get back to the hotel in Yokohama. Please do not ask me why you don't use the google map, no signal in my cell phone and it only supports WCDMA,my phone only receives TD-SCDMA/GSM. Again I stop and ask japanese passers-by, they are really kind, thank you! I am safe and back to hotel at 11:20 P.M..

Day 5: 4/27 Sunny

Time flies! I get used to the life in Japan. The air is clean, the running water can be drunk directly, all the people are honest and kindly.

The fifth is the last day for viewing spots. We have three spots: ODAIBA(台场), Shinjuku Kabukicho and Ginza.

Here is the duty free shop, it is interesting that it is also a pick up place for little childs.
Let's continue, we reach in ODAIBA. Ah, I see 1:1 GUMDA, bravo!!
Don't laugh at me, I am excited now!
It is said that if you go to F6, you can see GUMDA very close, ah! Time is not enough, what's a pity!

Next spot is Toyota Automobile Museum, I know little about cars. Just paste some pictures. Next to the museum there is Ferris wheel, no time...

At lunch time we eat tenpura.
In the afternoon we just have 3.5 hours but there are two spots, Shinjuku Kabukicho and Ginza. By the way, Shinjuku Kabukicho to Ginza will be taken 1 hour due to traffic jam. At last we have 15 minutes free timein Shinjku and 40 minutes in Ginza.

But I am happy, they are prosperous places in Japan, most of the young gather and work there.
If you have more time, it is good choices for spend one day in this two places.

In the evening we eat barbecue in Yanamasa, good choice you do, our guide!
After the dinner, we go to another hotel, it calls ANA Crown Plaza Narita, but why Wifi in my room can not work...

Thanks to Wechat, I make a phone call to my Dad&Mom in China and tell them tomorrow I will be back.

When thinking tomorrow we will have to come back, I am confused, I cannot bear to leave....


Day 6: 4/28 rainy

Fly back to China~~

Extra Story:

The guide tells us about these stories, but I do not remember clearly. But Google and Baidu can help us ( ̄︶ ̄)
(1)Mineral resources in Fujisan;
(2) Suicide forest in Fujisan;
(3) Stories of people in Japanese paper money;
(4) Tokyo Narita Intl Airport---airport that will never be done/completed;
(5) Challenge: Take JR railway from Yokohama to Akihabara.

Tavel expenses: 17266.22 RMB (credit card debt is ncluded)
2597.02  Eelectrical equipment
5759        Tour fee
2083.2     Eatting
1827         Eatting
6000         Presents/healing drugs

Some vedios:

1. Traffic on the road: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1boW3kyr
2. 富士芝桜祭り: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1jIs97gi
3. Voice of our guide: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1hsEYp9M
5. Village in Japan: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1o8Acuro