China Office's 10 Years' Anniversary and Grand Opening Ceremony

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“Ten”, “Nine” … “Three” “Two” “One”. With the boom of the eight gun salute, the grand opening ceremony was kicked off, which celebrated Zappos China Office’s 10 years’ anniversary as well as our entering into the Tian’an Cyber Park. With the joyful atmosphere, everybody smiled happily.

From 2006 till now, 10 years has passed. From the first employee to the current number of nearly 70, Zappos China Office has gone through a long and challenging process of growth.

For this ceremony, Richard came with the team from the top management of the U.S. Headquarter in Las Vegas. Guests from Amazon as well as the Tian’an Cyber Park were also invited to the scene, enjoying this exciting and cheerful moments with us.

On the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Richard shared with us his thoughts about the moving of the new office, and that the beautiful environment in Tian’an as well as its service were very suitable for the development of Zappos.

Following up was the best wishes from Mr. Wen, the general manager of Tian’an. Guest from Amazon shared Zappos China’s changes of moving from the old office to the new one.

Fred (CFO from the Zappos Headquarter) said that the environment here was better than that of the Headquarter and he humorously expressed admiration for the brilliant service and working environment. In the end, he wished that Zappos China Office would have better development in the future and become stronger.

The Lion Dance Begins.

Richard adds the enlivening touch to the lion.

Taylor takes the “lucky cabbage”.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, it was the lion dance, which represented Chinese culture. With the host’s explanation, Richard, Fred, Mr. Wen from Tian’an and Jack from Amazon added the enlivening touch to the lions.  Taylor would even take the “lucky cabbage”, which symbolized that Zappos would get better development.

After the show, all the guests were invited to visit the new office so that everyone could have a better understanding of the Zappos’ ten core values and its corporate culture.

Guests are looking at the design of the office.

Here is the DIY walls for each team.
All the decorations in the new office are designed by our employees, which embodies the characteristics of each team and even each person.

I joined Zappos China Office in 2006 and 10 years has passed till this year. I mainly assist different teams, being helpful a little bit.
Since I joined Zappos, I have taken part in many projects and teams till now. I could feel that I'm getting increasingly mature little by little. What’s interesting is that through this process, everybody works together, and there are all kinds of emotions. I have also improved myself a lot.
I think for these six years, there's laughter every day. What I really feel is thankful, or grateful.
After being here for a long time, I understand that culture is closely associated with life. I think everything in Zappos is amusing. We can make the atmosphere more colorful here.
I like the atmosphere here. I like my colleagues. I am free here. Hope that you can take me or I can accompany you towards the better future.
All the feelings are created by all the colleagues here. A heart being young forever is my harvest.


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